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What type of music is best for a wedding DJ to play?

The music you choose for your wedding is crucial because it will reflect both the two of you as a couple and the style of your reception. The soundtrack to the largest party of your lives is the music played at your wedding reception.

It is useful to think of the evening as having three separate parts when choosing the wedding music for your reception:

  • Cocktail period
  • Dinner is served.
  • Dancing event

This enables you to think about various musical genres that would work for the various parts of the evening. Let’s examine each musical segment of the timeline for the wedding reception.

1.Drinking Time Music

It’s a terrific idea to get creative and play some of your favorite tunes during cocktail hour. While playing light jazz or standards may be customary, there is no requirement that you do so. If you enjoy their music, acoustic musicians are a terrific choice for the background music as your guests mingle. You can start the evening with your favorite 80s songs if you want to maintain the ambiance. For your cocktail hour, everything goes.

Not sure what to play? A professional wedding DJ can assist you in coming up with the ideal playlist in this situation.

2.Dining Room Music

Many couples use instrumental music during dinner service so that discussion won’t have to compete with the music. Consider including more cheerful music to your playlist as dinner service winds down to encourage visitors to dance. a few suggestions

  • EDM, electronic
  • Rock and Motown
  • Ballads in alternative rock

3. Dancing

The majority of receptions will begin with classic wedding dances:

  • Couple’s first dance together
  • Parents dance in the family.
  • Wedding reception dance

Your friends will be welcome to join you on the dance floor after these are finished. It is crucial to coordinate with your wedding DJ and let them know which songs you absolutely must play, should try to play, and should not play. Although it could be tempting, it is strongly recommended to let the professionals handle the music selection for the evening. A talented DJ can read the crowd, decide which music to play next based on the crowd’s preferences, and keep the party continuing. They’ll know how to seamlessly transition between a variety of musical genres and, in the end, keep the party going all night.

Finish the wedding reception on a positive note

It’s no secret that music has the power to make or ruin a gathering. You should select the ideal last dance wedding music to cap off the celebration for a reception that will be truly unforgettable. Our experienced wedding DJs believe that the final song can truly put the finishing touches on a great evening. Choosing the final song for the evening before your wedding might be like calling the final play of a football game before it has even begun. It is wise to have a few possibilities in mind because you never know what will happen or who will be present at the conclusion. Our wedding DJs discussed their suggestions for how to wrap up your reception.