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How to make the ideal playlist for a wedding reception

The parties are just as important for making enduring memories as the wedding ceremonies are. It’s imperative to be aware of key guidelines for putting up the ideal wedding reception music. Professional Wedding DJ is very important to make the celebrations alive from beginning to end.

Put Your Tastes First

You should sit down with your partner and make a list of the music you like. The fact that this is your special day and the playlist should include songs you like is the most important thing to keep in mind. Of course, keep your visitors in mind when planning the content, but if you’re not pleased with the music, something may not be right. You may exclude songs from a playlist based on your preferences. Contrary to custom, you are not required to perform the chicken dance or sing that particular Heartland song if you or your partner don’t like it.

A good Tempo Balance

Generally speaking, carefully planning the music is a smart idea. Your guests will rapidly tire if you just play upbeat music. Slower tunes dull people if you concentrate on them too much. An optimal ratio would be one calm song to every four or five fast-paced songs.

Make an effort to ensure that the songs flow smoothly from one to the next. It is the responsibility of the wedding DJ you hire to make sure this problem doesn’t arise.

Use Up All Your Music

There should be 120 to 150 songs on the playlist, depending on how long your reception is. It’s a good idea to exercise caution and make sure your music doesn’t begin to loop before the party is over.

If you foresee the party stretching into more of a relaxed cocktail hour, one suggestion for making the ideal wedding playlist is to plan for a little longer list.

Don’t use certain themes

Although “Love Hurts” by Nazareth is a great song, a slow rock ballad that declares that love is only a lie might not be the greatest choice for your romantic day. No matter how catchy the song is, you shouldn’t play it at your reception if it focuses on the drawbacks of love or heartbreak. Undecided about live music or a DJ for your wedding? Our article: ‘Which is Better: A Wedding Band or a Wedding DJ?’ helps you weigh the options and make an informed choice.

Offer cards for requests

The DJ for your wedding will likely have access to tracks that weren’t on your first selection. Having request cards that guests can fill out and send to the DJ is one method to get them involved in the reception. Sure, a few songs you don’t particularly like could come on, but it’s a great way to get your visitors involved.

You can create the ideal playlist as you like. Try to compile 150 tracks that both you and your lover would feel comfortable listening to. Put songs on the playlist that you and your partner like, but leave out any that you don’t like or that might be depressing.

If you’re searching for wedding DJs in NYC, Buffalo DJ Pros might be able to assist you with your playlist requirements. Please feel free to give us a call at (716) 710-8845, or you can use the form on the “contact us” page, and we’ll get back to you with the response. The same method can be used to make an appointment with us for DJ services..

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