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How Should I Choose A Wedding DJ?

A DJ has already been chosen in preference to a band. How can you select a wedding DJ who will make your event better? This is not a choice that should be made lightly because, for the majority of engaged couples, entertainment is the main component in deciding the success of their celebration. The ideal DJ for your wedding is much more important than just money. When it comes to wedding DJs, you can always find someone who will work for very little money. But what level of quality should you anticipate? It’s your wedding today. There is only one opportunity to get it properly.

Buffalo DJ Pros has based its entire business on the wonderful comments from its customers. Every couple should have a wonderful wedding experience that they can remember with joy and pleasure. Here are our top recommendations for selecting a wedding DJ.

Why is a good wedding DJ necessary?

More than simply pressing “play” on an iPad playlist is involved in being a DJ. Here are three characteristics that distinguish a top wedding DJ from the competition.


This is the one piece of advice we would give you if we had to. It will be your DJ’s job to decide how the evening will feel. A boring DJ will guarantee a dull wedding.

You may learn the most about a DJ’s personality by listening to them. To discuss your vibe wants, and preferred music with your DJ, meet together in person rather than depending just on emails and SMS. This will enable you to assess their ability to produce the desired party mood. Curious if a wedding DJ is a necessity? Uncover the importance of a DJ in creating magical moments in our blog post: ‘Is A DJ Important At My Wedding?


During all those premarital seminars, you’ve probably heard how crucial communication is. Being a DJ is exactly the same. A DJ’s duties go beyond just playing music. The opposite half is speaking. Wedding DJs must effectively communicate with their clients. From making sure everyone is on the same page on the “do not play” list to make sure the photographer photographs the cake cutting.

This is why getting a wedding DJ that can MC is so important. The only person keeping things organized besides your wedding coordinator is your DJ.


Any DJ with a focus on weddings will find themselves performing at many of them, so they must be prepared. But they must also be adaptable when such strategies falter. Searching for the ideal wedding DJ? Our article: ‘How to Find the Perfect Wedding DJ for Your Special Day’ provides valuable tips to guide your decision.

A prepared DJ has a copy of the schedule for the evening so they can keep things on schedule. However, the bride and groom should be able to adjust on the fly if they are an hour late so that you and your guests may enjoy the evening without feeling rushed.


One choice that significantly affects the quality of your special day is choosing a wedding DJ. From the ceremony to the reception, so much of your wedding day depends on creating the ideal ambiance to establish the tone. That atmosphere can be quickly destroyed by the wrong DJ with the wrong song choice, a careless word, or a missed chance.

You’ll discover that hiring a cheap wedding DJ was the worst money you’ve ever saved. It only happens once in a lifetime, during a wedding. Make careful you execute it correctly.

Searching for a fantastic wedding DJ? We are excited to meet you. There is no other DJ team like the one at Buffalo DJ Pros.