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A professional wedding DJ is knowledgeable about playing music

Song selection for your wedding cocktail hour is more difficult than song selection for the couple’s first dance or the after-dinner reception. These tunes must make individuals feel relaxed without lulling them to sleep. They must begin to set the tone for visitors without going overboard. This article explains how to tell if your DJ is doing all necessary to make your wedding entertainment as spectacular as possible. Buffalo DJ’s are professional  wedding DJs situated in Buffalo New York that gives each of its clients exceptional wedding entertainment. We don’t just play music at your wedding; we consider your musical preferences and create a unique experience for your guests.

How to Plan Your Cocktail Hour Playlist with Your Wedding DJ

Choosing the music for your cocktail hour is a huge decision. You’ll need a wedding DJ who will take your opinions and suggestions seriously. It’s your wedding day, which means you have complete control. Your wedding DJ, on the other hand, should serve as your musical archive, playing the songs you want to hear without even thinking about it. Your wedding DJ should have extensive musical knowledge in order to recognize your favorite music genres and incorporate them into a complete cocktail hour playlist that keeps the party going.

Essential wedding DJ Playlists 

These three necessities are in every skilled wedding DJ’s playlist:
  • Various genres.
  • Various tempos
  • A mix of crowd-pleasers and less-well-known tracks.
The finest wedding DJs can combine genres while maintaining the general tone of the playlist, allowing guests to love songs they never thought they could.

Should Your Cocktail Hour Playlist Include Dance Hits?

During cocktail hour, you should avoid playing dance music for the most part. This is because you want to save the most energetic songs for when your visitors are ready to dance. What will you play when it’s time to start the party if you play all of the songs that make people want to dance before they eat their meals? Maintain some rhythm on the cocktail hour soundtrack, but don’t exhaust everyone’s dance energy too early in the evening.

Make a “Do Not Playlist” for your cocktail hour

Weeding out the music you won’t be able to include is one of the most effective ways to make a playlist. Eliminating unnecessary genres with your wedding DJ will inform the DJ about your musical preferences, allowing them to offer better-guided recommendations. What’s to stop your wedding DJ from playing some Lonestar as everyone is getting ready to party if your DJ doesn’t know you’re anti-country?

A sound check should always be done by your wedding DJ

With their equipment, Buffalo DJ are professionals. A soundcheck is an important part of being professional. It ensures that all of your equipment is in working order. You could not spot mismatched wiring, bad connections, blown speakers, and other issues if you don’t run a soundcheck. Pilots perform a soundcheck before taking off. It informs the wedding DJ that nothing is going to blow up in the middle of the flight.


The top wedding DJ services know how to seamlessly switch between being an MC and a DJ. They also know when to accept and when to deny song requests. The best wedding DJs’ work, like any other creative form, has an element of surprise. It’s about more than just songs and playlists; it’s about being able to read a room. Hence, if you are looking for a wedding DJ near me you are at the right place.

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